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May 18, 2024

The Black Phone 2 Bumps Back Release Date to Next Halloween

When The Black Phone premiered in 2022, the Blumhouse horror movie was both a surprise and a terror in equal measure. On the one hand, the film proved to be a massive success, starring Ethan Hawke as The Grabber, a sadistic killer who abducts and murders childrenThe Black Phone, on a low-budget, turned out to be a brilliant commercial play for Universal Studios, grossing $162 million worldwide. On the flip side, the film was a proper terror to behold for viewers who ventured to theaters to see The Grabber in action. With the prospect of another franchise on its hands, Universal Studios and Blumhouse had announced that a sequel was set to arrive in theaters in June, 2025. However, with a calendar shuffle, The Black Phone 2 will be arriving in theaters on October 17, 2025.

May 18, 2024

How To Train Your Dragon Live-Action Officially Wraps Filming

Principal photography for the live-action remake of How to Train Your Dragon has officially wrapped. Based on the 2003 book of the same name by Cressida Cowell, the film will tell the tale of Hiccup, a young, clumsy viking from the village of Berk. Hiccup struggles to impress his fellow villagers of dragon hunters and no-nonsense father Stoick the Vast, and makes matters worse when he befriends a friendly dragon. The live-action version of How to Train Your Dragon will reportedly follow the story of the original animated movies closely. It is expected to be released on June 13, 2025.

Feb 10, 2024

How to Train Your Dragon on Set

Mason as Hiccup and Nico Parker as Astrid were spotted on the set of the ‘How to Train Your Dragon‘ live-action movie.

This is the first image featuring Thames and Parker together from the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ live-action movie set, which has surfaced on the internet. The filming is currently taking place in Los Angeles.

Directed by Dean DeBlois. The film also stars Gerard Butler as Stoick the VastNick Frost as Gobber the BelchJulian Dennison as FishlegsGabriel Howell as SnotloutBronwyn James as Ruffnut, and Harry Trevaldwyn as Tuffnut.

Recently, DeBlois gave a sneak peek of the ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ set, praising the stunning shots and the talented crew. He’s excited to see them in action, and a new photo of Thames on set is revealed.

Produced by Marc Platt Productions and distributed by Universal Pictures, with DeBlois writing the script.

‘How To Train Your Dragon’ hits theaters on June 13, 2025, by Universal Pictures.

Jan 17, 2024

How to Train Your Dragon begins

How to Train Your Dragon has begun production in Ireland. The movie is currently scheduled to premiere in theaters in the United States on June 13, 2025, breathing new life into the story that first originated in Cresida Cowell‘s books. Hiccup will learn how to take flight with Toothless once again, in a new version of the DreamWorks Animation classic directed by the same person who helmed the original.

Dec 22, 2023

Netflix Acquires Dave & John Chernin’s High-School Comedy ‘Incoming

Netflix has snapped up rights to Incoming, a comedy written and directed by The Mick creators Dave Chernin and John Chernin, in their feature debut.

First announced last summer, the film stars Mason Thames (The Black Phone), Bardia Seiri (Grey’s Anatomy), Ramon Reed (Just Roll with It) and Raphael Alejandro (Acapulco) as four high school freshmen who navigate the terrors of adolescence at their first-ever party. Among those rounding out the cast are Bobby Cannavale (Old Dads), Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Scott MacArthur (No Hard Feelings), Isabella Ferreira (Love, Victor), Thomas Barbusca (The Mick), Ali Gallo (The Sex Lives of College Girls), and Loren Gray (100% Wolf).

Dec 4, 2023

The Black Phone 2

Four-time Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke (First Reformed), Mason Thames (How to Train Your Dragon, Incoming), Madeleine McGraw (Toy Story 4Secrets of Sulphur Springs), Emmy and BAFTA award winning actor Jeremy Davies (Justified) and Miguel Mora (The Black Phone) are set to return for Black Phone 2, the sequel to the hit 2022 Blumhouse-Crooked Highway Production-Universal production. A theatrical release of June 27, 2025 has been set.

Jul 2, 2023

The Black Phone Captures

I finished the Black Phone captures last night and they have been uploaded. Enjoy.