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May 18, 2024

The Black Phone 2 Bumps Back Release Date to Next Halloween

When The Black Phone premiered in 2022, the Blumhouse horror movie was both a surprise and a terror in equal measure. On the one hand, the film proved to be a massive success, starring Ethan Hawke as The Grabber, a sadistic killer who abducts and murders childrenThe Black Phone, on a low-budget, turned out to be a brilliant commercial play for Universal Studios, grossing $162 million worldwide. On the flip side, the film was a proper terror to behold for viewers who ventured to theaters to see The Grabber in action. With the prospect of another franchise on its hands, Universal Studios and Blumhouse had announced that a sequel was set to arrive in theaters in June, 2025. However, with a calendar shuffle, The Black Phone 2 will be arriving in theaters on October 17, 2025.

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